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Sequestration; Glad I Prepared

With the sequestration looming, I know that many Defense Department employees are worried about furloughs and how it will effect their families. They may find themselves unprepared for a cut in pay. For my husband and I, sequestration will also mean that we have to cut back, but it won’t be on food or household supplies, because we have stored those things for such a time as this and with spring coming, we will soon have an abundance of fruits and vegetables to add to what we have stored. Our goal here at the Ozark Homestead is to be totally self-sufficient from not only the grocery store, but the power grid and other entities that has a strangle hold on the necks of our lives.

For me, being self-sufficient is what “homesteading” is all about. It is more that gardening, raising animals and making my own laundry soap. It is those things, plus having the knowledge and skills to care for the needs of my family and community independent of entities I can’t control. The government, power companies, food industries, oil companies and other life controlling entities have proven that we can’t trust them to solve our problems and meet our needs. Just look at the mess this country is in and that is clear.

Sequestration is my families test to see how prepare we are. It will help us identify areas we a weak in and areas that need improvement. I know one area is the power grid. We need alternative power sources, including solar, wind and other non-grid technologies. Another area is animal feed. Animal feed is expensive and with the drought and ethanol production driving feed prices up, it is necessary to Gina animal feed sources that can be grown here on the farm. It is important to have a diverse supply so the if one source doesn’t do well, we have a backup. That is why I will be trying my hand at growing duckweed, raising earthworms and mealworms, growing and raising as much of the feed for my animals as I can to try to eliminate our dependence on the feed store.

As we use the sequestration time to assess our strengths and weaknesses, we will be making hard choices of areas that we need to cut the waste and plug holes where we have ignored things that put a drain on our budget, like leaking faucets and cracks around doors. It will be a time to set priorities and buckle down and get serious about being responsible for our own lives. They stronger we are, they better we are able to help our community and those in need.

Living in a military community, it is I fathomable that our government would ever allow this to happen during a time of war, but as of midnight tonight, it will be a reality. That means that wounded warriors will have longer wait times to receive care they need. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines whom have been stretched and stressed to their limits will suffer more by having their jobs and lives made more difficult due to the civilian employees that are their to support their mission not being their to do their jobs, on top of the huge budget cuts which will result in cuts to service to those armed forces members and their families. In my opinion, they have sacrificed enough.

One good thing about sequestration for me, my husband will have more time to help me build my new chicken coops and rabbit hutches. So for us, sequestration will be a learning experience and a time to reconnect with family.