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Dreaming of Spring

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After below freezing temperatures last week, the warmer temperatures this week have  me dreaming of spring and all the wonderful things that come with it. This weekend, I spent time fine tuning my garden plan and making my shopping list of seeds and plants I need to purchase. I made more seed pots from paper towel rolls and newspaper. I cannot wait to get out there and see lovely veggies growing in my raised beds.

Heirloom Seeds

In addition to dreaming and planning my spring garden, I am excitedly anticipating lambing season and the arrival of my fuzzy faced smiling little lambs.  I need to inventory all my supplies and update my lambing kit to ensure I have everything ready when those little lambs start arriving.

Ariel and Her Lamb, Chloe

We bred nine ewes and according to when they were marked, I expect to have lambing season spread out over the entire month of April. That means very little sleep in for me in April. Even with the barn camera, I lose a lot of sleep going out to check on my girls of times a night when it gets close to their time to lamb.

Spring in the Ozarks also brings about the abundant beauty of nature. We are blessed with hundreds of beautiful dogwood trees and other flowering trees. Hiking through our woods in spring is a spectacular display of Missouri wild flowers. It also brings an abundance of colorful mushrooms.

Ozark Homestead Dogwood

Spring means shearing time and processing lots of wonderful wool. The first few year we sheared the sheep ourselves. Not knowing what we were doing made that task brutal on the back and stressful to the sheep, not to mention they looked awful afterwards. The wool wasn’t very usable. Last year we had a professional shear them which went much quicker and smoother.

Spring is a very busy time of the year and takes a lot of planning to prepare and make the task easier. Dreaming of Spring and the abundance it brings makes the dreary gray days of winter a little brighter.



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